TSQL – An introduction

TSQL – An introduction

A step-by-step introduction to TSQL

Hi Everyone,

Over the last few month’s I have been delivering a series of training days and sessions to colleagues. The sessions are designed to take someone from nothing to being able to effectively write queries to answer business questions. To support these sessions I am translating all of my notes in to individual blogs. This should act to help others and also to be a reference guide for those who have attended the sessions. These sessions are primarily focused on DML (Data query language) which focuses on writing queries to retrieve data and not DDL or DML (definition and manipulation) which focuses on the definition of tables and updating and deleting data. With that in mind we will be looking at the following topics. I will write up each and add a link at they become available (this might not be sequential).

  • TSQL – A History lesson.
  • Relational theory
  • Types of relationships
  • TSQL
    • SQL – SELECT
    • SQL – WHERE
    • JOINS
    • SQL – GROUP BY
    • SQL – HAVING
    • SQL – ORDER BY
  • Other elements
    • TOP n
    • DISTINCT – Removing duplicates
  • SET operations
    • UNION
    • EXCEPT
  • Logical query processing model
  • Sub queries
    • Non correlated
    • table expressions
    • Correlated queries
  • Built in functions
  • Conditional logic
  • Working with variables
  • Analytical functions
    • OVER()
    • ROW_NUMBER()
    • RANK()
    • DENSE_RANK()
  • Tally tables

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